chocolate banana bread在這裡的生活因為太過閒情了 所以學會做點心過生活以下的食譜 有興趣的人可以玩一玩囉Preparation time 租房子15 mins Cooking time 1 hr serves 121cup mashed banana3/4 cup 165g caster sugar2 eggs beaten lightly1/4 cup 60ml extra 禮服light olive oil1/4 cup 60ml milk2/3 cup 100g self-raising flour2/3 cup 100g wholemeal self-raising flour3/4 cup 90g 房屋二胎coarsely chopped toasted walnuts1/4 cup 45g finely chopped dark eating chocolatewhipped nut butter100g butterm 襯衫softened1/4 cup 30g finely chooped toasted walnuts====================================1. preheat oven to moderate 180*c 票貼Grease14cm*21cm loaf pun, line base and long sides with baking paper2. Combine banana & sugar in large bowl and stir in 汽車貸款egg oil & milk Add remaining in gredients; stir until combined.3. Spred mixture into prepared pan; bake, uncovered, in 貸款moderate oven about 1hr, stand bread in pan 5 mins; turn onto wire rack, cool 5mins.4. Meanwhile, make whipped nut 酒店打工butter,5. Serve bread warm with whipped nut butter, whipped nut butter :Beat butter in small bowl with electric mixer 西服until light and fluffy; stir innuts,

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